Rich Hickey Deconstructs Semantic Versioning


7 minute read

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyLBGkS5ICk tl;dw When Rich Hickey speaks, it’s a good idea to listen. He is able to see things that many of the rest of us cannot, and he is able to analyze and explain his thoughts with a precision that is rare even among programmers. Little did I know that there was a problem with semantic versioning. It seemed like a reasonable system, and I never gave it a second thought until I watched this presentation where Rich exposed what the semantics of this system actually were.

Why I Chose Hugo

where I answer from questions from Albert


2 minute read

Why did you pick hugo (and Go) instead of github’s jekyll? I was initially going to use Jekyll, but when I tried to do a bundle install, one of the dependencies failed to install. I didn’t feel like fighting that battle, so I decided to try Hugo instead since I had looked at it in the past. What I liked about Hugo was that: it was fast, it had a nice selection of themes, its blogging functionality was adequate.


3 minute read

A friend of mine who is an experienced systems programmer was working on familiarizing himself with web development, and he was overwhelmed by all the choices he had to make. This was my advice to him: The explosion of frameworks is a headache for everyone, but you don’t have to know all of them, because no one does. You’re just going to have to pick a couple and go with them for a while.