org-mode Basics

The bare minimum you need to be effective


3 minute read

Org-mode is an Emacs mode for authoring hierarchical documents. It’s most commonly used for note taking and managing TODO lists. The basics are quite simple, and the default keybindings are quite ergonomic and intuitive. Basic Keybindings Let’s get started by opening a new file named index.org. Any file that ends in .org will be opened in org-mode by default. Try using these keybindngs as I describe them. M-RET - Meta-Return creates a new list item.

Spacemacs Tips

A Guide for Those Who Want to Give Spacemacs a Try


6 minute read

Spacemacs is a radical reconfiguration of Emacs that tries to bring the good parts of vi and emacs together while also adding some good ideas of its own. A few months ago I gave it a try, and the longer I use it, the more impressed I become with how well this curated Emacs system comes together. With that said, there are a few things that were not immediately obvious to me that I wish I had known sooner.